Pothole Plan

Why is Kansas City Being Swallowed by Potholes? 

Three times in the last 8 years, the voters of Kansas City approved new taxes and were promised it would go to maintaining and repairing the roads. But, the City Council took millions of those tax dollars and spent it on other things instead.  It’s not right!  I’ll fix the roads, and make sure this doesn’t happen again.


The Problem

The City’s own Public Works Department issued a report stating that an annual budget of $30-$35 million was necessary to properly maintain the city’s roads.  In 2010 the City Council approved a budget of $14 million.  Thereafter taxpayers passed three different tax extensions or increases, each intended to generate revenue for increased investments in our roads.  One would anticipate that the $14 million budget would increase in successive years to approach the established need.  Instead, it plummeted to under $6 million in later years and stood at only $8.5 million this year.  Although the budget just passed for 2019 has increased the funding back to approximately $14 million, the diversion of tax dollars to other uses – approved each year by the City council – has caused the current pothole crisis.  And, it is going to take years of increased investment to begin to climb out of the hole (i.e. pothole) we have created for ourselves.

Steve’s Plan

  • Fix Potholes Across the City
  • Use Longer Term Solutions
  • Maintain our Roads in the Future

Most importantly, stay on top of the problem!!

Steve wants to hear from you!



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