Why I’m Running

Steve Miller, Miller for Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri

Why I’m running

This is the most significant city election in a generation. Kansas City’s potential has never been greater than it is right now, but continuing the momentum will be tough—and requires someone with the experience to see it through.

First, we need to keep the public trust, honoring the $6 billion this community has committed and competently and correctly finishing what was started: KCI, the infrastructure repairs using the GO bonds, the streetcar. But it also means fairly allocating our resources to lift all our regions and neighborhoods—including those that have felt left behind.

It starts with taking care of our own house and confronting our chronic issues. The crime rate is a national embarrassment and education continues to be a challenge. The mayor must draw on the assets of government, nonprofits and the business community to make an impact using a multi-dimensional approach.

I also want to work to create opportunities for all our communities, linking arms with neighborhood leaders and business leaders, to build a city my children will want to return to.

We need to take advantage of our resources, like our geographic location and our natural surroundings. We’re a logistical juggernaut no other city can match; we’re in the heart of a valuable animal health corridor. We need to be selling our city to the country and to the world, but we need a tested and proven leader, focused on Kansas City and not the next job.

So much is about striking the right balance, but through the proper experience and leadership, we’ll build new connections to lead our city forward.

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